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Member's Only [18 Jun 2005|07:39am]

This community is members only. Please go to the user info page, read all the rules, join, and apply.
Just Believe...

See my inner beauty shine. [03 Jun 2005|06:15pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

This is me...Collapse )

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Mod: Theme for 6/03 - 6/10... Image Contest [03 Jun 2005|11:48am]

We want our members to create some new images for this community. At the end of the week, we'll put all the entries to a vote and see which entries win. We're going to break this up into three categories. You may enter as many as you like for however many catagories you like.

Best Icon: Winner becomes the new default icon for our community.

Best Promo Banner: Winner gets their banner put on the user info page, not only of this community, but on the Promotional Communities that I run.

Best Wallpaper/Layout: Winner gets their entry used for the community's layout, and believe me, we need it.

Please put your entries in a new post to the community and make sure you have stamped//theme//(and then what your entry is) as the subject.

^_^ Have fun, be creative.
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Stamped // Theme [03 Jun 2005|01:29pm]

[ mood | sad ]

LeRoy Konrad Hoagland

What is there is there to say about a man who taught me 90% of my life lessons? It has been six years since we lost him and every day feels fresh. He was my granfather, friend, teacher and mentor. Without him, I wouldn't know anything about my hertiage, family or myself.

There are just three grandchildren in my family, but it was common knowledge that I was his favorite. Our personalities mirrored each other and as I get older, I'm told how similar we were. Poppo, as we called him, gave me the gift of confidence. He taught me through love that it didn't matter how I looked. He looked pass all of that and saw the person inside of me.

Little things still remind me of him. Smear is a card game my family loves and when I taught it to my husband, I felt my Poppo laughing in the distance. Whenever I have a glass of apple juice, I think of my Poppo and a funny cup he had at his house. Feeding ducks, Barbie & the Rockers, costume jewelery and auctions all give me a slight pull at my mending heart. Nothing will ever ease the pain of losing him, but those small things at least bring a smile to my face.

This April was the hardest time for me since his death. I was married and my Poppo wasn't there to see it. Moments before the ceremony I was crying and wishing he was there. I know he was "looking down on me" through it all, but that didn't help when all I wanted was for him to call me his Lil' Swede.

Poppo remains one of the most important people in my life. His dedication to his family after he realized the mistakes he was making in life is inspriation to me. And his absolute love of me reminds me what unconditional love is suppose to be like. I'll never have a person in my life quite like my Poppo, but I take him with me everyday.
Just Believe...

Mod: business as usual [02 Jun 2005|11:47pm]

fairystar07, you have 48 hours to post an application or I'll be booting you for lurking.
Just Believe...

[02 Jun 2005|11:53pm]

Sorry, but I'll be inactive for about a week or two. I'm going out of town. THIS GIRL IS FLORIDA BOUND!
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stamped/I'm back! [02 Jun 2005|11:34pm]

Hiatus=OVER!! I'm back! Missed you all.
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stamped.theme [02 Jun 2005|06:02pm]

This is something I wrote for/ about my cousin Brian after he was killed last July.

Billy Joel said it bestCollapse )
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See my inner beauty shine [02 Jun 2005|03:03pm]

Hello, I’m a Livejournal cutCollapse )
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Stamped // Calling all PS'perts [02 Jun 2005|02:05pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey you photoshoppers (and Mods too because I'd like your approval for this idea)-- I was thinking that it'd be fun if we had our own little contest of an "innerbeatuyx" icon or wallpaper/theme! :D

Just wondering if anyone think its a good idea and if anyone is willing to participate.

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see my inner beauty shine [01 Jun 2005|09:24pm]

[ mood | that took 7 hours ]

funky dodoCollapse )

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stamped//photoshop [01 Jun 2005|06:53pm]

i dont know if you are interested but under the cut are Bases/icons I MADE myself in Photoshop. No other worek but my own. If you do take PLEASE GIVE ME FULL CREDIT ( _chaseme ) and COMMENT...If you do plan to add something to them, please let me know, and possibly tell me wat it is you plan to do to it. there is a total of 12. Even if you dont take i would apppreciate comments. some are crappy, but some i really like. Most of it is just me experimenting with diff. elements of PS. Just thought you may be interested

Base-icsCollapse )
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Stamped// Hiatus [01 Jun 2005|06:21pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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stamped//back! [01 Jun 2005|09:33am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hey everyone! I've returned from my wild escapades at the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) conference in Syracuse, NY - did anyone around here happen to be there btw? It was a mad mass of spirit, enthusiasm, fun, learning, meeting new friends, and getting new ideas. I can't wait to implement some of them here at ERAU.

We also took a day trip to NYC while there! It was awesome - I LOVE New York. Big cities usually freak me out but NY didn't. Definitely gotta make my way back there sometime... maybe for an extended period of time.

As proof of my journey (and because it's fun), I give you PICTURES!

NACURH 2005Collapse )

xposted: _b_e_a_u_t_y_, __beautywithin_

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stamped stamped stamped (except I was only stamped once) [31 May 2005|07:59pm]

Hey kiddos. I'm going to be gone until the 22nd, so excuse my lack of participatingness. Is that even a word? It is now.


Shamelessly x-posted. Am not sorry.
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stamped//theme [31 May 2005|05:07pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Write a small memorial for someone you've loved and lost.

In case no one is interested.... It's under the cutCollapse )
Wow, that was emotional.

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Stamped - another note to the mods. [30 May 2005|09:37pm]

Wasn't THAT a short hiatus. :)

Never underestimate the powers of Lupin therapy (as illustrated in my icon).

I shall be voting again. Until I leave on Wednesday. >_> Yay frequent flyer miles!
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stamped//another year... [30 May 2005|03:51pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Today is my fourteenth birthday. I didnt open gifts yet, but there wasnt anything I wanted really so it doesnt matter what I get. I will have chocolate chip cake later though which will be scrumptious. Well thats all.

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Stamped// Theme [30 May 2005|10:36pm]

I thought a couple of time if I should participate in this theme..But regardless...These two people are worth every thought and memory.

The wounds still hurt..Every dayCollapse )
Just Believe...

stamped/theme [30 May 2005|11:42am]

Since this is Memorial Day weekend, I thought it would be proper for each of us to write a small memorial for someone we've loved and lost. How you interpret this is up to you. My original intention is for it to be for someone who's actually passed on, but I realize that there may be a few of you who've never had a loved one pass away. So, however you would like to interpret "lost" is fine.

I have no idea where to start. But here goes.
Read more...Collapse )
That wasn't very personal, but it's the best I can do for now. My heart's hurting for Dana and for Erin, and it's hard for me to talk about them. I didn't want to cry today, so I didn't put much feeling into this. I made a post in my livejournal about them recently, and that was kind of letting go for me.
Just Believe...

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