Valerie (valliegirl) wrote in innerbeautyx,

Mod: Theme for 6/03 - 6/10... Image Contest

We want our members to create some new images for this community. At the end of the week, we'll put all the entries to a vote and see which entries win. We're going to break this up into three categories. You may enter as many as you like for however many catagories you like.

Best Icon: Winner becomes the new default icon for our community.

Best Promo Banner: Winner gets their banner put on the user info page, not only of this community, but on the Promotional Communities that I run.

Best Wallpaper/Layout: Winner gets their entry used for the community's layout, and believe me, we need it.

Please put your entries in a new post to the community and make sure you have stamped//theme//(and then what your entry is) as the subject.

^_^ Have fun, be creative.
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