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find your inner beauty...

...express yourself...

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Welcome to innerbeautyx, a rating community that judges you based on your personality, your inner beauty, rather then your appearance. So be yourself, we dare you.

[X] Maintainer [X]
This is Ashley, the creator of the community.
She basically oversees the community, in
addition to stamping members and handling
the claims list. See all of the pretty rules?
Ashley wrote 'em all - and likes to enforce
them. Control freak? Of course she is.

[X] The Mods [X]
This is Vallie. She's been a mod
here for a few months now. She can
help you with memberships and claims.
She'll help you get stamped quickly and
efficiently. If you have any issues
regarding your applications, membership
status, or claims, she's here for you.
If you ever have a problem with the
application, such as not knowing the html
for an lj cut, please come to her journal
and leave a comment. Her journal is mostly
public, and she doesn't mind random strangers.
If you mention that it's for this community,
she'll be happy to help you.

This is Kayla. She's also a nice mod, and
enjoys helping out where it is needed. If
you need something instantly answered, she's
your mod to go to, because she has no life,
and is always on AIM or Yahoo. (which can be
found on her UserInfo) She's just always here
to help!

[X] General Rules [X]


[X] New Members: Be sure to read ALL posted rules before applying, even the rules for stamped members. We want you not only understand what is expected of you as an applicant, but also what will be expected of you if you're accepted. Also, we like for you to know what is expected of current members who are voting on your application.

[X] If you want to be accepted, join the community and fill out the application.

[X] However, if you typp lyke dis then don evin bother appling, ok? This is not some little chat room. Therefore, do not use "chat speak". Typing out words such as "like" rather then saying "lyk" takes only a letter or two more - it's not time-consuming to write words the way your first grade teacher taught you how, now is it?

[X] You may not post or comment on any entry other than your own until you are accepted. Whatever comments/entries you make before you are accepted will be automatically deleted.

[X] Absolutely NO ads for non-personality communities. You want to advertise your "am-i-cute?" communities? The mods really don't care - but don't do it here. But if you want to post an ad for a personality community, you may only do so twice a week (no more) unless you get permission from one or both of the mods.

[X] The mods are allowed to play favorites. We can and will accept whoever we want. However, we will never reject someone just because we don't like them. Don't like it? Tough.

[X] If you don't handle rejection well, then don't join this community. If some members don't like you, deal with it. We're all here to have fun - one "no" isn't the end of the world.

[X] This is a DRAMA-FREE community, got it? The mods have zero-tolerance for it, and you will be banned for causing it. You want to make an ass of yourself? Fine. We honestly don't care. But do it on your own time, in your own space - not here.

[X] If a current member of the community is being cyber stalked/harassed by another user, whether that user is another accepted member or a pending applicant, with substantial evidence, the moderators will ban the offending party. The member being harassed must provide screen shots of entries where the harassment took place with IP address attached to a moderator. We log IP Addresses of all comments made in our community and will be able to compare the evidence. We take the safety and security of our members very seriously and will not allow our community to be used as a means to harass another person.

[X] Please do not create fake journals to apply to our community. Do not apply multiple times with multiple journals. Apply once with your real livejournal. If you want to change your username at a later date, that's fine, but only one of your journals can be listed as a stamped member at any particular point of time, and you can only apply with one journal at a time.

[X] Rules for Stamped Members [X]

[X] When voting on an application, give reasons for your vote. Not just "yes" or "no" or "i liked/hated it all". No. Use the the groovy little +/- system. If you don't know what that is, ask a mod.

[X] Be at least semi-courteous to the other members. Making an ass of yourself will automatically get you banned.

[X] Be active. This means posting an entry/voting on an application once a week, at the very least. If you're not active, you will be kicked out of the community. You may or may not receive a warning beforehand, as well. The only exception to this is if you warn us in advance that you will be gone/inactive/etc. for whatever reason. If you need to let us know, please do it in a reply to this entry. After you've done so, we will put a * next to your user name to show that you've warned us of inactivity and it will remind us to keep your membership open.

[X] Do not leave the community after you've been accepted without notifying the mods in some way or another, preferably through a post in the community. It's simple - all you have to say is "I'm leaving" so that the mods can remove you from the accepted list.

[X] If you don't see your name up on the accepted list right away, don't panic. The mods are busy people. We have lives. Eventually, the list will be updated. If after several days it isn't, then e-mail the mods via the community e-mail address with the subject of: "Update Accepted List."

[X] New Members: In order to reassure us that you've read the rules, put "snertch" beside "giggle" in your application.

[X] Once you are accepted, please place "stamped" in the subject line of all your entries. Doing so helps keep the mods happy - we don't have to double check to make sure you've been accepted.

[X] When you are accepted, you may make five claims. Make sure you check the claims list before making your claims. If one of your claims is taken, then you may share with one other person, but make sure you ask that person first. If they say no, then you'll have to make another claim. If two people already have a certain claim, that's it. No more then two people can share a claim.

[X] Once you are accepted, you may post pretty much anything you want. Pictures, song lyrics, stories/poems, etc. - all are welcome. We only ask that you try to keep it PG-13. No nude photos, or sexual stories, please - keep in mind that some of our members are as young as eleven or twelve.

[X] If at some point a stamped member decides to leave the community, and then later decides to join again, there is no need to reapply. However, you must go back through the entries/posts/etc. and find your application. Once you have done this, make a post stating that you are a former member, and include the link to your application. When the mods see that you have these, you will be stamped again. If you want the same claims you had before, and they haven't been taken since then, find the link to that entry as well, or list them if you remember them. However, you may also make entirely new claims if you wish.

[X] Application Rules [X]

[X] All applications must be placed under an lj-cut in a separate entry. No exceptions. Don't know how? Ask a mod.

[X] Absolutely NO pictures of yourself are to be posted in your application. We're judging you based on your personality, not your looks.

[X] Bold the questions in your application. It makes the application so much easier to read, and clearly separates your answers from the questions. We've actually gone ahead and put an area with all the html already set up below the application. All you have to do is copy and paste. Please do not use "rich text mode" as it messes up our html.

[X] DO NOT EVER DELETE YOUR APPLICATION. It doesn't matter if you have a bunch of "no"s - leave the damn thing there. No one except the mods may delete applications.

[X] In the subject of your application, write "see my inner beauty shine" to prove to us that you've read the rules.

[X] If you leave the community before you are stamped, no matter what the vote total might be, you will automatically be rejected.

[X] Once you have joined the community, you have one week to post your application. After that one week, you will be asked to post it. If you don't respond, you will be kicked out of the community, no questions asked.

[X] Once you have posted your application, existing members will then vote either YES or NO in response to it. After two days have passed, the mods will count the votes and either accept or reject you. Note: All unanswered "sway me" and/or "undecided votes count as a 'no' vote. If you, as the applicant, don't respond to these votes, and/or the stamped member does not reply to you, it is equal to a 'no.'

[X] If you are rejected, you may post your application again after one week. If you are rejected a second time, then you must leave the community. You will be banned if you fail to do so.

[X] Per LJ's TOS, when we ask you to promote our community, you MUST do it in a promotional community. Do not spam a friend's journal with our community's banner. If you don't know how to find a promotion community, ask one of the mods. We will be able to direct you to some good ones.

[X] This isn't necessarily a rule, but rather a word of advice: Be detailed in your answers. When you include details in there, it at least makes it look like you've put some effort into it. And never forget, effort = brownie points.

[X] Each rule you break when posting your application will count as a "no" towards your total. For example, if you don't put the proper phrase in the subject line, that will count as one "no." If you don't put the proper phrase and you don't put your application behind a cut, that counts as two "no"s, etc. etc.

[X] The Application [X]

sexual orientation:

bands / singers:
tv shows:

gay rights:
plastic surgery:
sex education:
separation of church and state:
animal rights:
death penalty:

Choose at least three of the following and give us your opinion on each. Delete whichever ones you do not choose, and bold the topics you do choose (not your answers).
the pledge of allegiance:
stem cell research:
affirmative action:
teenage pregnancy:
the 2004 presidential election:

-Give us your own personal definition of ‘inner beauty.’
-What makes life worth living for you?
-If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
-If you could kill one person, famous or not, who would it be and why? (**Note, this is just for fun, if you will. We're not asking you to go out and actually kill someone.)
-What makes you unique? Any weird quirks? Strange habits?
-If you could become famous, what would you want to be known for?
-Describe yourself in five words.
-Name one good and one bad thing about yourself.
-What is your favorite childhood memory?
-Guilty pleasures. We all have them. What’s yours? It can be a movie, tv show, food, etc. Then tell us why you like it.
-What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Why?
-Would you want people to laugh or cry at your funeral? Why?
-What would you do if you were Frodo and you had the ring?
-What civil rights issue do you believe in and/or support the most?
-What are some of your dreams/aspirations?

**And last, but not least…
-Promote us in at least one public entry in a Promotional Community on LiveJournal and give us the link.
-Why do you want to join this community?

Copy/Paste Version. Feel free to make it pretty!

[X] Pending Applications [X]

The following applications have been neither accepted nor rejected.
These are the applications that are currently open to voting.


[X] Accepted [X]












kaycar11 (mod)



nuintincowen (mod)








valliegirl (mod)





Total: 82

[X] Rejected [X]

99luft_balloons, amatsumitsukai, anywearbut_here, a_painted_heart, arielle_dancer, arm0r_f0r_sle3p, atlantisjet, avrilgrl5476, azethena, _babe_exposed, babiee_x_crazy, babiicourtx, bang_ishotyou, biginthepants, bijou_rouge, black_hearted13, blindedchimera, blondieblueyes, boo_boo13, burnoutluvkurt, caboodles009, celticrayne99, cess, changd4thebetr, charmed_mommie, code03, confused_, connipshit_orgy, cookiemonsta176, cookietiff, cryinblacktears, cutiepie21208, cyberry, deadlyxxxkisses, dirtybeautiful7, doofusditzy54, dorkiish_love, dragonspatron, effectsofrupert, enemy_as_seen, fairydogericara, fashioncrisis, fecklessmind, freakdouggy, jiffner, frosted_angel, g1rlsd1et0trust, gokaboom, greenangel, h3artl3ss, _happyx_xbunny_, _heavenly_apart, hello_nightmare, hooverbandgirl, hreben12, ibleedpurple_, igenousrock_, i_heartxpbs, ilovejefferson, iluveminem34, ilzelovesrent, imawesome0514, inner_dork_, insaneluv21, itsjustbecca, iwishicudsmile, _jessolivia_, justonepogostik, justxaxmemoryx, kawishiwa, keysandstripes, __kieshalynn, lightupmyroom, lilsurfer12003, lionore, littlenozomi, lookpretty_rad, __love_always_, ____lovexme, lptori2103, maniacle_loner, megan__xx, __mixtapex, monkeyfreak657, morganfaithful, mourningsylph, rubberroomrange, my_autopsy, nightscene, nkdbeautynbeast, numb_angel417, nybabigal, ohh_laa_laa, officiallyme, omfg_its_katie, only_lonly, orangeillusion, paintcrazy007, pass__, _perfectchaos, pictures__ofyou, __pie, piecesofme46, piink_sockz, pillowqueen, pipermae, pronghorn, faiths, ques_nova, randomactsoflov, rebecca5060, rebelled_spoon, retro_shout, ____rhetorics, rizzyr, rosesnrazrblade, rustysmurf, secretskept_in, sexibabee, shut_eyes, silence_roars, ___skank, stac_aiken, suckitupsoldier, __summerwhite, summerx0xbabi, ___suprchelz0rs, supersandoz, sweet_citygirl8, test_site, thebeat_goeson, tomrwsantherday, tonkatruck7, unfittobeyou, victorianslayer, victoriaxlynn, ____walkbyfaith, ruuk, xashhx, xbob, _________xbrash, xdazzler15x, xdying2b_lovedx, stillimage, xnekrobabyloux, xox_bebe_xox, xotaylorox, xsupergurliex, xxanti_stylexx, xchriluvrx, x0xcherriex0x, xocherrychickox, x0x_sam_mi_x0x, youstolemybong, zerostarrr,

[X] Banned [X]

sparky87 - for posting a promotion for another community without being accepted first
oxo0o0o0o0o0oxo/loveu_forever - for posting a fake application, and then creating a fake journal just to make another fake application
confused_ - deleted application and in it's place left an insulting message
pale_x_rider - for posting a fake application and insulting a moderator
hellfireenigma - for insulting other members
chainrule - for a very offensive application and rudeness towards the members who voted
morrisongroupie - for rude and obnoxious behavior; harassment of a stamped member
_gr1int3rupted - for fighting with stamped members
frediagrace - for fighting with stamped members; deleting votes
kinkqueen - posting a rude and inflamatory reply to a member's post.
eviltoothfairy0 - for fighting with and insulting stamped members
koriemo - Posting an advertisement without being an accepted member
ironxrose - For deleting her application
bubbletrouble99 - For Deleteing all of her votes.

[X] Stamps/Banners/Etc. [X]

one two three four

one two

one two three
To Promote Us Use:

Link to Us:

[X] Sister Communities [X]

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[X] This Week's Theme: [X]

8/29 - 9/07: Past Is Real
---->If you could live one day over, what day would you choose and why?

Last Week's Theme:Nature Vrs. Nuture

[X] Links [X]
Current Member's Applications
The Claims List
Past Themes
Inactive List

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